Consult a Monroe Dentist Now and Get FREE Oral Exams for New Patients


Get free full mouth digital X-rays and other diagnostics from an experienced Monroe dentist when you call for New Patient Exam today

From January 1, 2015 onwards

Have you always delayed going to the dentist? Are you feeling “just fine” while your pearly whites are suffering? Are you tolerating pain in your mouth even if you know it should be checked by an oral health specialist?

This is the perfect time to see an experienced Monroe dentist at Dental Care of Monroe!   Starting January 1, 2015, every new patient who comes into our office for an exam gets full mouth digital X-rays, teeth and gum exam, and oral cancer screening for FREE! You get a whole package of diagnostics worth $198 at no cost.

Using state-of-the-art technology, our dentists can comprehensively assess your oral health and identify problems that need to be addressed. We can spot simple flaws like cracked teeth, misalignment, or cavities or complex disorders like gum infection or malignancies (i.e. cancerous tissue). We will customize your treatment plan based on your need—dental restoration, cosmetic procedure, or basic oral surgery—to preserve or reestablish your oral health.

You can visit our dentist in Monroe to schedule your appointment and take advantage of this amazing offer!

  • Schedule a new patient exam and receive the following (package is valued at $198) for FREE:
    -A full mouth series of digital X-rays (digital X-rays expose you to less radiation)
    -An examination of teeth, gums with cancer screening
    – An examination guided by our intra-oral camera, which will show what’s going on in your mouth on a television monitor
    – A personalized treatment plan because your smile is important to us!
  • We participate with most insurance plans to save you time and money.
  • To qualify for the offer, patients simply need to call Dental Care of Monroe – (609)-655-9000 or complete the form located at

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