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Lawrenceville Dentist Now Accepts UnitedHealthcare Insurance Plan

Those in need of services from a skilled Lawrenceville dentist in South Jersey would be glad to know that the Dental Care of Hopewell Crossing is now accepting the UnitedHealthcare Community insurance plans. We have always strived to provide the best services at affordable prices to our patients and this new financing option is aimed at fulfilling that goal. This new system is open for all of our patients, especially those who reside in the Mercer County, NJ areas like Pennington, Lawrence, Hopewell, and Princeton.


Experienced Hopewell Dentist Can Help in Detecting Oral Cancer Early

While other types of cancer are more well-known, oral cancer is just as deadly as the other types. One of the key ways to fight it is early detection with the help of a doctor or a skilled Hopewell dentist like those from Dental Care of Hopewell Crossing. Men over 40 are highly susceptible to it, especially those who smoke cigarettes, chew tobacco, and drink a lot. If left untreated, oral cancer has a one year survival rate of around 81%, but that drops to 56% for five years, and 41% for ten.

Trusted Hopewell Dentist Invites New Patients to a Free Dental Exam

A complete dental exam is a necessary aspect of preventative dental care. Not only can you allow a Pennington or Hopewell dentist to catch and curb any potential problems in your mouth before they worsen, but you also provide the needed information to help your dentist understand your dental health better. This paves the way for creating a comprehensive plan for the continuing care of your teeth.
Dental Care of Hopewell Crossing makes dental exams and more accessible to you with our New Patient special this year. Get FREE digital X-rays, teeth and gum inspection with oral cancer screening, the use of our intra oral camera for a thorough checkup, and a personalized treatment plan. All these services cost as much as $198 at the regular rate; for you, our new patients, they’re totally free.

Princeton Dentist Warns Against Do-It-Yourself Teeth Alignment Methods

Several videos of a Washington woman closing the gap between her front teeth using everyday items at home have been making the rounds across the Web recently. The woman claimed to have closed the gap between her teeth in 44 days while spending only $5 for the hair elastics she used. Typically, orthodontic braces and aligners take months to work, and may cost up to thousands of dollars.

In light of this, the dental community has warned the public against resorting to such a practice for correcting teeth alignment. To put it succinctly, this do-it-yourself method may bring more harm than good if you’re not careful. Only a qualified dentist with the right training, skills, and equipment should be trusted to install, adjust, or remove braces. Locals with teeth alignment or tooth gap problems are best advised to consult a certified Princeton dentist.