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Take Your Elderly Loved One to a Princeton Dentist for Oral Health

People in their later years tend to encounter dental problems, such as loose teeth, so annual care becomes more imperative just to keep their teeth in good condition. For many of them, however, the function of proper care for their well-being has long been turned over to another family member. When you take your loved one to the dentist for check-up or treatment, you’ll find that the common corrective action for the elderly are dental implants, which is suitable to replace lost teeth.

A recent AreaVibes report revealed that Princeton residents over 65 years old comprise roughly 20% of the city’s 12,342-strong population. There are also a number of assisted living facilities in the area. When you are concerned for your loved ones’ declining oral functions because of poor teeth, a skilled dentist from around the Princeton area, such as from centers like the Dental Care of Hopewell Crossing, can help.


Princeton Family Dentistry: What to Expect in a Root Canal Treatment

Some problems may emerge from your tooth’s pulp. When the danger that lies within threatens to affect your entire tooth, you need to undergo treatment right away at the nearest dental practice. One of the treatments that may be recommended for this kind of situation is the root canal treatment or RCT.

What happens in a root canal treatment?
Basically, in a root canal treatment, the dentist will go into the affected tooth’s enamel to remove the pulp that has been affected by things like dental caries. To compensate for the now-hollowed chamber, the dentist will disinfect the tooth and fill it with a dental material before closing the gap with fillings. Dentists often recommend that a crown be installed on the spot to protect the tooth, as the tooth’s strength is compromised by the lack of pulp.

Princeton Dentist Warns Against Do-It-Yourself Teeth Alignment Methods

Several videos of a Washington woman closing the gap between her front teeth using everyday items at home have been making the rounds across the Web recently. The woman claimed to have closed the gap between her teeth in 44 days while spending only $5 for the hair elastics she used. Typically, orthodontic braces and aligners take months to work, and may cost up to thousands of dollars.

In light of this, the dental community has warned the public against resorting to such a practice for correcting teeth alignment. To put it succinctly, this do-it-yourself method may bring more harm than good if you’re not careful. Only a qualified dentist with the right training, skills, and equipment should be trusted to install, adjust, or remove braces. Locals with teeth alignment or tooth gap problems are best advised to consult a certified Princeton dentist.